About Me


My name is George, and I would be happy to take care of the landscape maintenance at your home or office. We have been doing this since 2004, working in and around the neighborhoods of Boston and Brookline that I grew up in. It’s a job I enjoy, and make a living doing so.

I grew up in J.P. over on Jamaica St. and attended Boston Public Schools through the years. There is no place like home, so the saying goes. I loved growing up in J.P., with the Arnold Arboretum and Pond so close, with city life all around.

Now I live in Roslindale, over on Poplar St. near the Square. The same sense of community that I grew up with is evident here in Rosi. While walking to Roslindale Square to do my shopping, seeing the people of this city, brings to mind an appreciation for living here in Boston.

George Kordan